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 Taking 1 year to build, the Malek theater's premier happened October 29, 1946, a proud evening for the owners Bob & Dorothy Malek. Construction costs approximately $110,000, & 80,000 cement blocks later, Independence was given Iowa's most modern theater, providing patrons with luxurious carpeting, beautiful "Art Deco" architecture & painted art work designs, air-conditioning, party & "crying room"(for the fussy babies), modern projection equipment, everything you'd want in a pleasurable theater experience which aptly earned the title of "Iowa's Finest Theater". 

 Years gone by, the Malek is still standing, empty, closed, & needing attention. The structure is listed as an historic landmark in the national register of historic places through the Iowa State Historical Society. Attempts to restore this old "jewel" are in effort, but at a stand still due to being such a huge project. The Malek theater was and is an important part of Independence, Iowa heritage, and has given many many people very fond memories, and has the potential to create many more. 

 The Malek theater needs to be saved, and restored to boast the history of not only itself and the name on the marquee, but the historic preservation which makes Independence, Iowa proud to include in it's historic downtown, and heritage. 

If you are interested in helping save the Malek Theater, please consider donating below.